Introducing the new Darimo IX2AL stem, the perfect stem for those who love aluminium stems, and of course really light with just 82 grams in 100mm length.

The stem is sculped from a 7075 aluminium block with precision CNC machining process.

Each stem needs near to two hours of continuous CNC machining as we want the best surface finish even with its organic and round shape. That shape increases the stiffness/weight ratio.

The stem has an integrated faceplate with only 2 closing Ti bolts. This design gives an impressive shape, awesome aesthetics and increases the stiffness at the clamping zone with the handlebar.

Our design is optimized for carbon fibre handlebars. The clamping zone is not divided in two small plates, both bolts are connected, then the surface pressure over the handlebar is reduced.

It’s body shape and a huge contact surface with the handlebar (24 square centimetres) makes it stiffer than heavier stems.

Finishes : Anodized in Black Bright, Black Matte, Natura. Other colours are possible under order.

Weight limit : The Darimo stem is safe and exceeds the tests of ISO 4210-2, but it is not recommended for riders over 90 kg. Request the reinforced version if necessary.

■Color : Black Bright
■Clamping diameter : φ31.8mm (Other diameters under order)
■Angles : -6?
■Lengths(mm) : 40 ・ 50 ・ 60 ・ 70 ・ 80 ・ 90 ・ 100 ・ 110 ・ 120 ・ 130
■Steering diameters : 1-1/8″
■Clamping width : 48mm
■Stack height : 38mm
■Body Materials : 7075 T6 Aluminium anodized.
■Bolts : Ti Gr5 M4.
■Weight (+-3%) :